Who Discovered the Conch Shell?

A study of the facts about the conch shell shows that in 1398, it was used to refer to all sea creatures with shells. However, its discovery and use is much older than that. In Mayan art, the conch was depicted as an ink container. The American aboriginals used it as an ornament.

The Conch Shell as Food

The conch shell’s meat can be consumed raw when eaten with salads. It can also be cooked and eaten like hamburgers. Some people find the white meat to be the most delicious part. Some East Asian culinary cuisines chop it into lean slices. It is fried or steamed.

Other food facts about the conch shell will show it is eaten with soups in the West Indies. It is also a popular dish in the Bahamas. In Guam the meat is dipped in soy sauce and flavored with hot sauce or peppers. In El Salvador, the meat is flavored with onion, lemon juice and other species. In Puerto Rico it is flavored with orange juice and eaten raw.

Other Uses

Conch has been used as a musical instrument for a long time. Aside from that, they are also employed as ornaments. Since the Medieval Age, the Queen Conch has been much sought after. The conch pearls are white, brown or pink. Some are colored orange. They are also used for decorative planters.

One of the facts about the conch shell is its widespread use. As stated, the Mayan art depicted it often. Aside from being an ink holder, they were also used as trumpets and it was also used as a weapon.

Among the peoples of the Caribbean, the conch is used as an ornament in creameries. This practice is also followed in parts of Africa. Prior to its banning, some Caribbean nations sold it to tourists. In a few instances, the conch shells have been used to construct buildings and other edifices.

In Grenada the shells are used to notify people of available fish. In some homes in the Bahamas, it is placed on walls so that robbers will be discouraged from breaking in. This technique works because broken shells are very sharp.

The Conch Shell in Religion and Folklore

A look at the facts about the conch shell will reveal it is employed as a religious object. The conch shell is used in some Hindu ceremonies as a trumpet. It is utilized often in practices like puja.

It is also used to accompany singing and the ringing of bells. The shell is also used in Buddhism, being recognized as one of the Eight Auspicious symbols.

Among the Moche people of Peru, the conch shell was seen as an object of worship. There is also a popular lore concerning the shell. According to folklore, the ocean will be heard when the shell is set to the ears. In fact, the noise being heard is the pink noise. This is caused by the resonant cavity of the shell.

These are just some of the facts about the conch shell. Exactly who first learned to utilized it may never be known, but doubtless it will continue to be used for many more years.

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