Who Discovered New York?

New York City is definitely one of the most popular cities not only in the United States, but in the whole world. Due to its stature as the leading center for world trade, finance, and popular culture, among others, many people are very much familiar with the United States’ most populous city.

With this familiarity, it should follow that one should also be aware as to who discovered New York. If you are one of such individuals who know much about the city but do not know who discovered New York, then it is high time that you be informed of the following historical tidbits that point to the man who discovered New York.

During the age of exploration, numerous world powers such as the Netherlands and Great Britain are carving up the so-called New World, particularly North America. They do this by sending explorers to the continent. These world powers then claim the land that their explorers have ‘discovered’ by sending soldiers and settlers that will colonize their new land holdings.

One of such explorers is Giovanni da Verrazzano. The name may be obscure, but his voyages to the New World were a significant first in the history of voyage. This is because his trips to the Atlantic seaboard of North America were the first ones made by a European since the voyages of the seafaring Vikings half a millennium earlier. Another one of his several firsts is his discovery of New York Bay in 1524. Although he did not wade ashore on the banks of New York, his discovery of the bay is still an important milestone in the discovery of New York.

If exploring the bay near New York does not make one the man who discovered New York, then what does? Explore further inland it seems, as this is what Henry Hudson, widely credited as being the one who discovered New York, had done. Hudson, an English explorer serving the Dutch, found the bay earlier discovered by Verrazano and sailed further inland, eventually reaching what is now the body of water named after him, the Hudson River. He later traded with the natives of what is now New York City and along the way he claimed the land for the Netherlands. This claim is the reason why New York was known as New Amsterdam since it was in the hands of the Dutch originally. For his achievement, Hudson, for many, is the explorer who discovered New York.

Knowing the explorer who discovered New York may seem trivial but without Hudson, New York would not have been the city that it is today.

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