Who Discovered Electricity?

If you are thinking in the lines that it truly was Benjamin Franklin who discovered electricity, you may be surprised to know that there are current reports that actually do not support this particular idea.

So who discovered electricity? Let’s check the historical notes.

The Early Greeks

The history accounts of electricity actually date back to a thousand years or more. This may point to the Ancient Greeks who were said to have discovered an attraction between fur and amber when rubbed together.

The English Physician

In 1600, there was a certain English physician by the name of William Gilbert who actually made a very important contribution to the history of electricity. Gilbert was the one who conned and first used the word, “electric.” This was taken the Greek word, “elektron” which actually pertains to that particular force that some substances produce or exert when they are rubbed against one another.

The Famous Father of Electricity

Going back to the known figure for the discovery of electricity, let’s see why current findings seem to show confusion on the belief that it was really Franklin who discovered electricity.

It was in the year 1752 when Benjamin Franklin’s experiment was performed. It was known that Franklin was flying a kite when there was a thunderstorm going on outdoors when electricity got discovered. The discovery was somehow focused on electricity and lightning being related somehow.

Some of the modern scientists think that the experiment done then is just a tall tale since they argue that when a person gets hit by lightning, the results may be fatal.

Perhaps, according to them, Franklin may be in a different location, away from the lightning path.

Nevertheless, Franklin was noted for the discovery which later led to another invention, the lightning rod invention.

After that, the scientist continued to make other experiments and observations on other phenomena that was related to electricity. But then, there were many who think that Franklin didn’t really discover the true nature of electricity.

The Italian Physicist

Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist, was also written in history as another famous contributor to the use and development of electricity. Volta was known to have created the voltaic pile which was known later to be the electric battery in the year 1800. This was the very first device that produced electric current in a steady manner.

If you would study these things further, you may see that it was actually the Italian physicist who really discovered that there are particular chemical reactions that may produce electricity.

During this time, Volta was also famous for creating the first transmission of electricity. This was made by not only linking connectors together – the positively-charged and negatively-charged connectors, but also using voltage or electrical charge through the connectors.

The English Scientists

In 1831, the English scientist named Michael Farraday invented the electric dynamo. This device was a crude precursor with modern power generators. When word of the invention came out, it opened the doors to a new acceptance of electricity as an important factor in technology.

Around 1879, another inventor emerged. This was none other than Thomas Alva Edison who was known for the invention of the light bulb.

So who discovered electricity? It may still be safe to say Benjamin Franklin. But do not forget the others like the Early Greeks and their observations, and Alessandro Volta who discovered the real nature of electricity.

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